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POSBANK USA - Point-of-sale total solution provider POSBANK USA CALL NO 1-310-513-1356Toll FREE 888-998-1767(POS)  USA (NY/CA) 631-676-1988   CANADA 289-633-1235
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance POS system

    IMPREX® PRIME POS(Point-of-sale) Terminal

    High Performance Meets Stylish Look

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  • Easy Installation and Maintenance POS system

    ANYSHOP® PRIME POS(Point-of-sale) Terminal

    Power and Style at Your Space™

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  • ANYSHOP e2 POS(Point-of-sale) Terminal

    Stylish, Reliable and Affordable POS System

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Point-of-sale system ANYSHOP e2 - 1Year free Exchange and FREE POS Hardware Training

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  • POSBANK USA is looking for Strategic Wholesale Partners. Roles : 1. Capable to do RMA service, 2. Wholesale POSBANK products(point-of-sale terminals, pos receipt printers and pos periphrals

    Strategic Partners

    POSBANK is looking for strategic dealers.
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  • Pos systems and Pos receipt printers. FREE RENTAL FOR 3WEEKS

    Free Rental

    POS systems and POS receipt printers. FREE RENTAL FOR 3WEEKS.
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  • From Headquarters in Seoul, S. Korea, POSBANK has global reach as a dominant OEM/ODM of POS(point-of-sale) hardware products.

    Global Location

    From Headquarters in Seoul, S. korea
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    AnyShop II Video

    Reshaping businesses across the globe, New POS System.
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POPs Restaurant™ Solution

POSBANK offers a wide range of software options that can meet the demanding needs of today’s businesses. Our software is designed to simplify daily operations of any business. Improving access to critical sales data to detailed analysis of daily operations. POPS Restaurant software allow businesses to maximize their productivity and earnings potential with an intuitive software solution in an ever-changing restaurant industry. Learn More →

Dine-In and Quick Service
Simple Order Entry screen
User-Defined Interface
Employee Management
POS Peripheral Support
Sales Reports

Global Network

POSBANK Global Distribution Network. From Headquarters in Seoul, S. Korea, POSBANK has global reach as a dominant OEM/ODM of POS(point-of-sale) hardware products.

POSBANK has global reach as a dominant OEM/ODM of POS hardware products.
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Reseller Application


POSBANK USA Value Reseller When you become a our reseller, help raise profits and provide the flexibility and expertise your customers deserve.
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Restaurant POS

Designed with usability in mind, ANYSHOP e2 is easy to install or replace its optional peripheral devices simply by turning thumb screws. Its groundbreaking modular design makes it easy to expand functions and options.

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Department Store POS

ANYSHOP PRIME is a POS system loaded with form and function setting a new standard in the POS industry. Its sleek look and alluring style ensure that it can seamlessly fit into any hospitality or retail environments.

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Supermarket POS

The retail-hardened BoxPOS offers high performance and extreme durability. It boasts small form factor, industrial-grade motherboard and multiple I/O ports. The features and functionally of BOXPOS make it an ideal choice for extreme value.

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Retail Shop POS

The terminal is a stand alone and wall-mountable panel POS system with advanced features and powerful functions. Built-in speakers and a video surveillance camera deliver complete control over what is going on in the store and video conferencing capabilities.

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