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The right person for this position will be able to demonstrate their creative energy and passion for
shaping successful marketing plans.

• Understand the market through sales insight, market research and competitive analysis.
• Strategize with Marketing, PublicRelations, Sales and Operations.
• Develop local and regional marketing campaigns.
• Ensures advertising, social, PR, training and POS are on-message and on-brand.
• Travel for presentations, training, tradeshows and events.

• Successful history in Product Marketing.
• Demonstrated success in developing product launch and marketing campaigns.
• Experience with a POS hardware and software a MUST.
• Experience in writing and presenting a creative brief.
• Refined training, presentation and communication skills.
• Proficient in Word, Excel andPowerPoint.

• has a colorful background with POShardware and software
• has unparalleled expertise and passion within the categories that they have managed
• has a vision about the future of POS technologies
• is resourceful and hates to miss deadlines
• is assertive and takes initiative
• has a strong work ethic
• is passionate about the user experience above all else


Responsibilities :
• Replacement of failed point of sale equipment
• Managing inventory, loading and unloading shipments.
• Interacting with clients to provide outstanding customer service
• Think critically about problems and devise creative solutions
• Continually expand the number of calls you are able to resolve unassisted

Requirements :
• Willingness to work a flexible schedule.
• Ability to learn new things quickly and apply new concepts


Requirements :
• Knowledge and experience of MS-SQL, PHP, JSP
• Preferred knowledge and experience of VB, .NET Framework (C#)
• 2 or 4 year degree in Computer Science major preferred

To Apply for this Position :
Send your cover letter and resume to info@posbankusa.com

Click>> info@posbankusa.com

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